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Making Progress

The core mission for the development of Phase Line: Raider Assault is to create a fun, exciting and dynamic gameplay experience to accommodate a multitude of different player preferences. In turn, I hope to provide tremendous amounts of replayability for everyone.

Throughout the multi-year development period, it has been an ambitious goal to provide as much interactive operability in true third-person perspective as possible. During the entire game experience, players should never feel incumbered by linear gameplay mechanics and as a solo developer am hard at work to fulfill that goal.

The entire development process has been a close relationship between direct community feedback and rigorous testing. It is my goal to open large-scale alpha/beta testing to the public during Q3 2024.

Early Core Additions


1,400 square mile free-roam objective-based open world

- 5 different game mode variations

- 7 different maps

- Over a dozen different customizable player weapons

- Top-down character customization

- 18 different drivable aircraft, vehicles, tanks, boats and counting. These features include many things such as passenger support, trailer towing, air lifting, fast roping, sky diving, cannons, missiles, rockets, miniguns, machine guns, refueling, reloading and more. 


There have been massive amounts of additions to the game in the past year. Many of the new additions have satisfied a lot of the original goals that were set out in the initial stages of development. The original approach was to offer as much flexibility to the players as you may have in a real-life scenario. I have set out to create an experience where everything with an engine is drivable, every building with a door is enterable, any ledge you can grab is climbable and players can freely maneuver throughout the worlds as if they were in the game themselves. 

The stability and number of mechanics implemented to this point over the network are proving to be functionally reliable. I believe it is now time to open up access to the alpha/beta state of the game to the public at a large scale for server stress testing and further game improvements. All of the features included at the present time will be expanded upon to create more intricate functionality and improvements across all spectrums. These improvements would include dramatic player weapons expansion and improvements, more detailed and functional menus, graphics and UI improvements, artwork, looting systems, inventory, vehicles and attention to detail of many small implementations that have not been a priority up to this point.

There have been significant strides to create a signature medium to large scale game mode that would be scalable to a large number of playing environments. This has led to the development of the newest game mode: -Phase Line. This mode will be a large focus in the coming weeks to implement more map selections for this mode and dial in a lot of the key gameplay areas of this mode with the larger player counts. This mode should provide intense large-scale battles between soldiers and the available vehicle arsenals for the individual teams.

Looking further ahead there is consideration for a number of other game mode variations that may be added in and built outward from the existing functionality of the current game. These modes may rotate in periodically or be removed depending on community feedback. This project was built on player feedback and testing with a dedication to improving and this will continue to be a central focus in development moving forward.

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